of people, of places, with people and things.
taken by Peter Olusesan.

work in progress.

→  Copenhagen
→  London
->  Lisbon
→  Scotland
→  Madrid
→  Berlin
→  Barcelona

→  Marrakech
→  Croatia
→  Milan ‘23
→  Florence
→  Rome
→  Brighton

→  Oxford
→  Fez
→  Marrakech
→  Casablanca
→  Ouzoud
→  Independence Day  ‘22
→  Alte Halloween  ‘22
->  Brussels to Strasbourg  ‘22
→  Ogo’s  Supper Club
→  Rewa / Hackney to  Canary Wharf
→  Tennis shots


25Hours Hotel Reception - One of my favorite places to work from in CPH.

Well Bean Cafe - The local. 

"In a Good Work Cafe, the music is subtle and sweet... Soft on the palette. Easy on the easel. Feed me French Jazz. Blend in the Blues. Words are optional."

Well Bean hits all those notes.
2 drunks trying to get on 1 electric bike. 

Couldn’t bring myself to take the picture of what happened next 💀

A guide on the roads less travelled. With Fado on the tuk tuk speakers.
Alfama’s rooftops.
Life tip - Don’t get hazed while scooting up and down hills.
This sunset will always hold a special place.
Ponto Final - best restaurant to watch the sunset from in Almada.
Tried to take a clean tram 23 picture the entire week. This ended up as the last picture I took. Delay is not delilah.


Zeus. The mightiest name for a wee frenchie.